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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Learn Financial Literacy with FORTUNE CITY Game - Expenses Tracking

I used to record my daily expenses from University time until the day of HDB purchase. Since the first day of work, my main goal is to get a HDB, I have previously shared this experience in the post - A Decade ago, They Saved S$100K Cash in 4 Years with Earnings BELOW Median Household Income. After that, I have stop tracking expenses as the saving habit is already cultivated throughout years of tracking and of course, complacent and laziness to continue to do so.

Now, in order to cultivate the saving habit of my kid, I have asked my kid to start tracking saving and expenses. There are many free expense tracking apps now to do that, gone was the day with paper notebooks and Excel. However, pure tracking would probably be too boring for a kid, and then, I found an app - Fortune City, which combines accounting with city simulation. This is a free app for both Android and IOS. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. 

I will first go through the feature of the apps before the gamification part.

There are 10 expenses categories as default, you could add more as you wish.

There are 2 account types as default. You could add more like bank or etc.

Here is how you could add your record. First select the expenses categories and account type (cash, credit card, etc), then followed by amount and note (like Ez Link Top Up, movie, etc)

You could have an overview of your expense and income, based on the different account types (cash, credit card, etc) and different periods as well (overall, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or customize). 

You could also create an account and back up your data to the server. There are other features like budget, review, removing ads, etc that require a premium subscription. Personally, I have not subscribed, so I am unable to comment much on these features. Next, let's look at the gamification part:

Each record would generate a building in the city, limited to the first 5 records. This building construction limit can be increased up to 7 with diamonds, which could get through watching ads or fulfilling citizens' requests. Any remaining limit from the day would be used to build public construction buildings. Buildings of the same categories and level can be merged to form a higher level building which allows more slots for citizens to generate coins. 

You could recruit citizens with different traits for your building. Citizens would earn coins when they are placed in a building. Be sure to place citizens according to their productivity level in each type of building.

There is a city hall building where you could view your reputation, and coins earned per hour. You could also upgrade the finance, economy, or livelihood of your city. This could increase the coins storage, add new VIP citizens as well as add new vehicles in the city.

These should have covered the majority part of the app. Now, my kid would record the expenses and build the city the daily. I believe this app is also useful for adults who are interested track their expenses. 

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Note: All above posts and this post are NOT sponsored posts.

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