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Materials in this blog are based on my research and opinion which I don't guarantee accuracy, completeness, and reliability. It should not be taken as financial advice or statement of fact. I shall not be held liable for errors, omissions and loss or damage due to the use of the material in this blog. Under no circumstances does the information presented on this blog represent a buy, sell or hold recommendation on any security, please always do your own due diligence before any decision is made.

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Most REITs' posts are based on information from SREITs Dashboard. Kindly refer to the Note tab in SREITs Dashboard Part - 1 of 3 for detail on how I derived those data. Some data are based on the latest results while some are based on a weighted average of the past 1 year. There will always be times in which REITs do not provide adequate information. Therefore, certain information would be required to calculate manually or estimated based on certain assumptions. If you notice any error, kindly contact me by email -

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