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I have started this blog in 2019 to share my personal experience mainly on REITs and personal finance. And through my sharing, I am learning and get to know more like-minded at the same time. Recently, I have created a Facebook group named REIT Investing Community, where everyone could share and discuss anything related to REITs and personal finance. It is a small group at this moment in which the number of members is growing, slowly but surely.

Throughout my blogging journey, I have created multiple spreadsheets, in which the 2 most views are SREITs Data which provides an overview, and SREITs Dashboard which provides detailed fundamental data.  All the content in my blog couldn't be done without supports from readers and friends. 

Now, I have started REIT-TIREMENT Patreon page in which readers could help to support my works on this site. Don't get me wrong, all the content in my blog is provided for free and it will always remain as free. This support is completely voluntary and you could cancel it at any point in time. 

Should you like to support REIT-TIREMENT, there are 2 tiers at this moment:

1) Donation 

At only US$ 1.50 per month, you are able to support my works. 

2) SREITs Dashboard PDF

At only US$ 3.00 (US$ 3.21 inclusive of GST) per month, you are able to download PDF copies of individual SREITs Dashboard tab which is consists of more than 40 SREITs with more than 30 metrics per SREIT. Each SREIT dashboard PDF consists of 4 pages and these will be updated at least once per month.

I sincerely appreciate your generous support if you have decided to join any tier on REIT-TIREMENT Patreon page. Your support really means a lot to me, thanks.