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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Learn Financial Literacy with TIMEFLOW Game

Early this year, I have posted about Learn Financial Literacy with CASHFLOW Game and Learn Financial Literacy with MONEY RACE Game which talks about games that could learn about financial literacy. Today, I would like to share another game call Timeflow. This is a paid game and available in PC, Android and IOS. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST.

Besides the financial part, this game introduces the concept of time in which one would have to manage time for work, own business, real estate investment, and even education. To win the game, you would have to fulfill 4 goals, which are to achieve your dream (space flight in the picture below), have huge savings, have positive cash flow above expenses and lots of free time. It is basically the idea of financial independence. 

If you are unfamiliar with financial statements like income statements and balance sheets, then this game would be a good fit for you. For almost every action, you would have to manually drag the relevant transaction into different tab which includes income, expenses, assets, liabilities and the unique tab - time. However, if you would like to enjoy the game without this manual hassle, you could off it in the setting and click "auto" every time the transaction screen pop up. 

To start a game, first, select a character and dream. Some dreams could use bank loan to achieve. You could also manually create a character with a different setting.

The main screen of the gameplay comes with a summary tab, map and event logs. In the summary tab, focus on positive cash flow and free time. Every career, business, and education would take up a certain amount of your time. Mood and age would affect free time, if your free time is negative, then you are not able to take up more career, business or education. If your mood is in the depressed mode for a certain time, then you would be given a choice to visit Psychologist.

When you landed on education square, you could select tertiary education (including MBA), workshops and time management. Different careers and businesses require different sets of skills, and you might get a promotion with the right set of skills (and luck). Time management education would increase free time for your character. Certain characters come with addictions (game, tv, smoking, etc.) which would cost you money and time, get rid of them quickly with time management education.

When you landed on opportunity square, you would be able to choose to start a business, buy real estate or invest in stocks. Certain businesses would take up a significant of your time, which you may not be able to do so if you have a full-time career. Real estate, on the other hand, would require a small amount of your time to manage. Stocks would not take up any of your time, and you could choose to long or short. You could take a loan if you are interested in the opportunity but have not enough funds to do so. Guess what, you could take up blogger as a business too.

You could refer below for the roadmap, click to enlarge:

There are a lot of things that resemble the reality of life:
1) You only have a limited free time for yourself, you can't have everything in your life even with lots of money.
2) The higher the career ladder you climb, the more free time you have (thought may not always true)
3) House, marriage, kids and guardianship take up a certain amount (in terms of %) of your income and time.
4) Able to make use of resources to free up your time. E.g. buying cars, hire assistants, hire baby sitters.
5) You would require certain skillsets to get a promotion in a job or maximize business profit.
6) Communication and networking are important. Certain opportunities only unlocked once you have attended the communication workshop and met with the right persons.
7) Antivirus or insurance would save your day should unfortunate events happen.
Besides the above, there are also lots of similarities to real life. It is fun to play for me, give it a try if you like it.
8) Able to deposit cash (including time deposit) in the bank to earn interest. Also able to take loans from bank, different rates apply to different loan purposes. 
The main challenge of the game is the 225 hr of free time goal. As your aged older, your free time would be reduced. And if you give up your career or businesses to free up time, then cash flow may not be able to cover expenses. So you would really need to finish the game as early as possible, else it would be more and more difficult to win. Not only cash flow is important in this game, but free time is also as well.

I played Timeflow Android version which cost $6.98. It is a nice game and definitely worth a try. Hope you would enjoy this game like me. Again, this is NOT a sponsored post.

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