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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Learn Financial Literacy with CASHFLOW Game

Recently, I come across this CASHFLOW game in Android Google Play, which is based on original board game by Robert Kiyosaki. I believe many people know about Robert Kiyosaki from his book named Rich Dad Poor Dad. This is a paid games in Android Google Play which cost S$ 1.99 (varies depends on the region you are from). You could download the games here if you are interested. I would recommend you to play with your tablet or mirror/link your phone to screen, else you may have a hard time to read if you play it with your smartphone.

This game is based on the concept where we should acquire asset which generate positive cash flow to grow our passive income. When your passive income is more than your expense, then you are out of rat race. Once you out of rat race, you could pursue your dream.
Rat Race Track - Small Circle ; Fast Track - Big Track
For start, you have to select number or players (human or bot) up to 6 players, then followed by selecting your dream, the dream has no impact on the game. You will be randomly assigned an occupation, salary, expense, liabilities and cash (the only asset you have). High salary generally come with high expenses; which means high salary doesn't necessary has advantage.
Choose a dream, and know your job.
For every turn, you could choose to repay your debt, or loan from bank before you roll your dice. And everytime you move over payday box, you would receive a net income (total income minus total expenses). Your first priority should be clearing high interest debt before you start to invest. You could identify the highest interest rate by taking the loan payment (Expenses) divided by corresponding debt (Liabilities) .
Clearing high interest debt should be your first priority
When you step on green box, you will have deal opportunity to acquire asset or liability. For property/business opportunity, ensure that the cash flow is positive (asset). If you have not enough money for down payment, you could take loan. However, you should ensure its positive cash flow is able to cover the interest. As opportunity loan amount is not amortized and not repayable, you could easily calculate the yield by taking cash flow divided by down payment. If you steps on box with a $ sign, buyer would offer to buy your properties, it would auto calculate how much you could receive after sell off and pay off debt.
Ensure you are buying yield accretive asset
There are also opportunities for stocks and unit trust or gold. Preferred stock would provide positive cash flow (dividend). Normal stock, unit trust and gold are for trading purpose. You could identify a value buy by checking whether the cost is close to trading low range. Vice versa, you could spot a sell opportunity when cost is at trading high range.
Compare cost with trading range to identify buy or sell opportunity
If you are unlucky and stop on the baby box, then you will have additional baby and your expense will increase. You could have max. 3 children. There are also boxes which will cost you money or opportunity to donate.
Lucky or unlucky to have new baby ?
Can't say no to purchase
Once your passive income surpass your expense, you would be out of rat race track and move to the fast track. You could now win by increase cash flow by $50,000 or step on your dream box. To step on your dream box require some luck, it is easier to win by increasing cash flow. The fast track has not much different from rat race track though.
Out of Rat Race
Win the Game.
After playing, I would like to share what we could learn from this game:
i) Understand what are assets, liabilities, income and expenses.
ii) Always have cash (emergency fund) in hand. Else you would have to take loan to cover those unexpected expenses.
iii) Pay off your HIGH INTEREST debt as fast as you can. Low interest loan could be a good debt and remain in your liability. As you could invest those cash to generate more income than interest if you are to pay them off otherwise.
iv) Acquire assets that generate positive cash flow.  "Assets" that generate negative cash flow are actually liabilities, as it take money out of your pocket.
v) Not all assets that generate positive cash flow are good assets. Some yields are simply too low to invest, you may just better off keep those cash or pay off debt.
vi) Cash flow (passive income) is what get your out of rat race, capital gain is not. But passive income require lots of capital.
vii) Luck play a part in this game, but isn't it applicable to our real life too?

I would also like to point some unrealistic situations in game:
i) Loan is not amortized for property/business.
ii) You can't pay off your property/business loan.
iii) You can't re-pay your debt partially in order to reduce loan expenses.
iv) Stock trading mechanism seems like a flaw. If you are lucky, you buy at $1 and sell at $30 within very short time, and you suddenly become super rich.
v) Once acquire property/business, it always provide constant cash flow.

Of course, there are other more lessons or unrealistic points that you would find out along the way you play. Hope you enjoy this game.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

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