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Thursday, September 03, 2020

The 100th Blog Post

Time flies, I started this blog on 1st January 2019 to share my experience on personal finance and REIT investing. Then recently, after I've completed SREITs Dashboard, I have been using it for analysis posts. Those posts are repetitive in nature and boring after seeing many "same" posts, but it is with a consistent method to analyze. And now, this post marks the 100th post for my blog.

It is a coincidence that I finished my SREITs last analysis of this quarter at the 99th post. I have covered a total of 38 SREITs/BizTrust, left out the below 5 for reason:
i) CapitaLand Commercial Trust - Merger soon
ii) Sabana REIT - Potential merger soon
iii) Eagle Hospitality Trust - Suspended
iv) Elite Commercial REIT - Less than a year
v) United Hampshire US REIT - Less than a year

It is time-consuming and repetitive for these analyses, but it is a good learning opportunity for me. Through sharing, I would re-verify info and read through quarter reports and annual reports again. This helps in improving the data accuracy of SREITs Dashboard and also understands more on REIT's management outlook ahead. However, to avoid potential controversies or problems, I have toned down on "less favorable" opinion at the later stage of my analysis posts. 

Thanks to all readers who have read and shared my posts especially to readers who have left comments on my posts. I always appreciate reader's comments and emails as these are my best motivation. Just a simple "thanks for sharing" or "helpful post" would make my day. Special thanks to Rolf Suey and Cory who have left many constructive comments which I could learn from.

From blog stats, I noticed that there are certain REITs having minimal views. This leads me to consider whether to stop sharing those REITs or to do a comparative analysis for REITs with the same sector/nature, e.g., comparative analysis between US Office REIT or China Retail REIT, etc. Either way, it could save up more time to focus on other areas of improvement.

Lastly, as mentioned a long time ago, my idea is to make this site one-stop for readers who are interested in REIT (at least for SREITs). So I would trial run the "REIT Posts of the Week" idea which consolidates individual REIT related posts from other sites weekly. I would post it on every Saturday or Sunday which would allow readers to conveniently read it in a single place. Those posts will also be shared in REIT Investing Community Facebook group. If you are a blogger who posts about REITs, I sincerely hope you could help by joining and sharing your posts directly in the Facebook group. You could join as a "page" if you would like to keep your identity anonymous.

Thanks again for all the support. Hope you could continue to support my humble blog for the 200th or even 300th posts in the future.


  1. thanks sir keep up the good work!

  2. Congratulations on the 100th blog post. I really like what you post. Keep on doing like that!

    1. Thanks, please help to share it to your like-minded frens