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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

SREITs Dashboard Updates - Added Country Weightage, Highest Lease Expiry and Others

It has been 3 months since the launch of the first version of SREITs Dashboard, which I have been using extensively for analyses. Subsequently, I have added the data tab and changed import sources for Live Price & 52 Weeks Hi-Lo in mid-July. And in early August, I have added the "note" tab to clarify on data presented. For this time, I have updated the following:

1) Diversification Profile

- Added top contribution weightage, mostly weighted by GRI.

- Added country weightage, which is based on the average quarter value of the past 4 quarters, mostly weighted by GRI. 

2) Lease Profile

- Added highest lease expiry within 5 Years. For those with the highest lease expiry falls in a period without breakdown, (e.g. the year 2024 and beyond), I would take that as the highest lease expiry; unless more information could be found in the annual report or IPO prospectus. 

- Added number of properties, this number excludes those under construction and under associates.

3) Debt Profile

- Added highest debt maturity within 5 Years. 

4) Trend

- Added interest cover ratio (ICR) trend. Note that MAS has recently defined the ICR formula in Appendix 6 of the revised Code on Collective Investment Schemes on 16 April 2020. 

- Added Property Yield Trend

5) Basic Profile

- Added sponsor name and listed date.

- Moved Related Parties Shareholding to below basic profile.

6) Minor Changes

- Added alternate color in Price Relative Chart.

- Used darker tone for Red and Blue colors.

- Updated Data tab and Note tab.

This is considered a major update to me after the first version, you could goto SREITs info submenu to access SREITs Dashboard. However, I believe that there is still room for improvement, if you found any mistakes or bugs, kindly let me know. I am confident that you couldn't find comprehensive information like this, not for FREE at least. If you find my work helpful, please help to share out to more people. You could also support me by joining REIT Investing Community Facebook Group where you could share and discuss REIT topics. 

It is FREE to use, if not using and sharing now? then when?