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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Learn Financial Literacy with MONEY RACE Game

Previously I've shared about Learn Financial Literacy with CASHFLOW Game which you could learn the cashflow concept of Robert Kiyosaki. This time, I am going to share another financial related game call "Money Race Finance and Investing Game". This game is only available in Android again.

The game objective is simple, which is grow your passive income to more than your expenses. You could play this in single player or multiplayer online. There are totally 5 modes, the difficult mode would require higher passive income to win. 
Random Financial Status for Game Start
Instead of board game as in CASHFLOW game where you roll the dice; you spin the wheel in MONEY RACE. Each time cost 1 spin and you would get your cashflow (income minus expenses) at every 4 spins where each spin take 2 minuets to recover. There are total 5 different areas which you could land on:
i) Purple - Investment opportunity
ii) Blue - Work related event, you may get pay cut, pay rise, bonus, or retrenchment
iii) Green - Donation to charity, I don't see the effect though.
iv) Red - Purchase where you need to spend money, use cash whenever possible
v) Orange - Random opportunity, can be anything from earn money, spend/lost money, increase/reduce cash flow from investment or worse, have more babies.
During the game, you could select the following features:
i) Income Statement - Check income and expenses
ii) Balance Sheet - Check assets and liabilities
iii) Stat: Check financial status and game stats
iv) Stocks - Buy or sell stocks
v) Market - Buy or sell investment assets, you can only buy here when someone offer it.
vi) Bank - Request for debts or pay debts, alternatively, pay debts at balance sheet liabilities tab

You first priority should always be clearing high interest debts, which are credit cards debt follow by car loan. Mortgage is a low to medium interest debt, unless you have abundance of money, else you better off invest your money than clear off mortgage. You will get an investment offer whenever you land on purple area, do review the ROI, cash flow and down payment required. A negative ROI is definitely a NO. If you manage to find a good ROI investment but have not enough cash for down payment, then you could request for a bank loan (high interest). It will then re-calculate the cash flow after minus off loan payment. Clear off the down payment debt as fast as you can.
Negative ROI is a BIG NO
You could also invest in stock market for capital gain or dividend. You are able to view individual stock trend, buy at historical low; and vice versa. How I wish the real world stock investing is simple as this. However, stock price will only changed as per real world time instead of number of spin. You could take advantage of this by buying stocks at low price with ALL your cash when you are out of spin. Then goto take some rest, do some stuffs and back to this game later to reap the profit, hopefully.
Stock Exchanges
Historical low price
Babies, lucky or unlucky ?
Once your passive income bar reach 100% (passive income surpass expenses), you win the game. If you want to win with 3 stars, then you would need to have 300% passive income.
You could continue to play for 3 stars
What Could We Learn ?
What we could learn from this game is pretty similar to CASHFLOW game:
i) Always pay off your highest interest debts before you invest.
ii) If you are required to take high interest bank loan or credit card loan, pay off them as soon as you can.
iii) Buy investment which generate positive cash flow AND provide reasonable ROI.
iv) Stock investments require lower capital.

This game solved a lot of unrealistic parts/limitations in CASH FLOW game. It would be better if stock market prices fluctuate with every spin. Also, luck still play a big part in this game, I always get into red and orange areas where I need to spend money. 

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

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