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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Comic Strip - Why Invest in REITs

There is always a debate on whether to invest in physical property or to invest in REITs (why not both), each has its own merits. I have posted this topic at the very beginning of my blog(refer here), but this time, I would like to try something new. I would post my ideas in a comic strip style and in Singlish. Without further ado, let's enjoy the content below.

There are certainly some advantages and disadvantages for investing in REITs as comparing to investing in physical properties. For a more detailed write-up, you could refer to my previous post on this topic. 

This is my first try to create a comic strip with Canva. Canva is free to use, user friendly and has a lot of templates for you to start with, try it out if you would like to create your own comic too. Hope you would enjoy my first comic strip, please help to share it if you find this useful.