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Thursday, November 26, 2020

SREITs Dashboard Updates - Revamped Price Relative Chart Section, Added more Trends and Others

Here are some updates for this round:

1) Price Relative Chart
- Replaced quarter average closing price to weekly average closing price for a better presentation and optimal loading speed. The weekly average price chart trend very closely resembles the daily closing price chart trend. Moreover, the weekly average closing price would save loading time tremendously.
- Dividend yield is based on TTM DPU or annualized DPU instead of a quarter or semi-annual DPU.
- Added standard deviation (SD) figures for +2SD, +1SD, -1SD and -2SD.
- Removed high and low figures.
- Customized chart min. value for each REIT for a better view.

2) Lease Profile
- Added assets under management, this figure includes interests in associates and joint ventures.

3) Trends
- Added outstanding shares trend, a higher-than-normal increase indicates equity fundraising or merger in the particular quarter.
- Added management fees over the distribution trend, a higher-than-normal value indicates management received performance fees in the particular quarter.
- Added distribution on capital trend.
- Changed to 3D for a nicer view.

4) Others
- Split dashboard into 3 parts in alphabetical order, which could provide optimal loading speed and easier viewing. Now users no longer required to click on "<" and ">" to scroll around. With this, it would be more user friendly to mobile users.

Finally, thanks for all the reader's support for my blog, hopefully, these updates would be able to provide you more information for your REIT investing journey. If you like my SREITs Dashboard, feel free to share it out so that more could benefit from it. And if you really love this dashboard and want it in PDF version, please consider supporting me at REIT-TIREMENT Patreon.


  1. HI Vince,
    when accessing the dashboard, page 1 to 3 are showing the data for different reits.
    I could not get them to show the same reit on the 3 pages.
    Please advise. Love your work!

    1. Are your referring to the part 1 to part 3 ? There are total 42 REITs, and I split into 3 parts in alphabetical order to get optimal load time. So you won't be able see the same REIT on 3 pages. Median, data and note are at part 1.

  2. My mistake. I thought that part 1 to 3 is different parts of the same reit

    1. Haha, I have added a headline to avoid confusion. Glad that you find the dashboard useful.

  3. Appreciate all your hard work, Vince. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comment, please share it so more can benefit from it.

  4. Thanks for all the hard work and share, really appreciate it =)

    1. Welcome, I am happy that you find this useful.