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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

SREITs Dashboard Updates - Revamped Price Relative Chart Section Again

Previously on 26 Nov 2020 (link), I revamped the price relative chart section to display trendlines for +2SD, +1SD, average, -1SD, and -2SD on the 5-year chart of dividend yield and P/NAV. The information is based on the weekly closing price to reduce the loading speed. Subsequently, on 1 Jun 2021 (link), I removed the trendlines and replaced them with a table that shows +2SD, +1SD, average, -1SD, and -2SD for 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year periods. Why a table instead of charts? The reason is the same, also to improve loading speed.

The good news is that embedded Google Sheets now load faster than they did in 2021. Additionally, I have discovered a new way to generate trendlines, thanks to ChatGPT. Both have made possible for this update, let's see what it looks like below:

Price Relative Charts

- Renamed to Historical Charts

- Removed detailed table

- Data changed daily closing price basis

- Added charts of dividend yield, P/NAV and closing prices for 1-year & 3-year periods

- Added trendlines for +2SD, +1SD, average, -1SD and -2SD

As the amount of data displayed increases, it may take slightly longer for the page to load. All the above have been updated in SREITs Dashboard and SREITs Data. That is all for this time, hope you would find it useful.

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