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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Singapore REITs Ex-Dividend & Payment Calendar - Can You Receive Dividend Every Month?

The recent share price decline is indeed a painful one for REIT investors. However, the good thing about REITs investing is, regardless of share price movement, one could still receive dividends. Of course, with the fast and furious interest rate hike this year, DPU would definitely get impacted. Do refer to my previous post Why Invest in REITs? for the pros and cons of REIT investing. If you prefer a comic version, then refer to Comic Strip - Why Invest in REITs.

Anyway, it has been some time since the last update on the typical ex-dividend date for each REIT, today let's spend some time going through it again. At this moment, there are 33 REITs, 5 stapled Hospitality Trusts (combination of REIT & BizTrust) and 2 BizTrust which operate similarly to REITs.

Image by Megan Rexazin from Pixabay

More and more REITs have adopted half-yearly distribution, which left only 9 quarterly distribution counters now. Gone were the days for many REITs with quarter distribution, have to say, I really miss those days. Without further ado, below is the summary:

Well, if the above table looks dry and you prefer the calendar type of presentation, you could see below:

Now, to answer the title of this post, you couldn't receive dividends every month from Singapore REITs as there is no payment in January, April, July and October. Moreover, the dividend is not balanced for each quarter. The dividend payment dates are skewed toward Q1 (mainly in March) and Q3 (mainly in September) due to 30 counters having a financial year end on 31 December and 25 of them being half-yearly distributions. In other words, you would be facing cash flow winter season every Q2 and Q4.

If you would like to have more distribution in Q2 and Q4, you may want to consider having a higher weightage on Frasers group of REITs, Mapletree group of REITs as well as those with the quarterly distribution. Some would suggest you perform "capital recycling" to re-balance every quarter, sounds like you would need good TA skills to time the market though, which is easier said than done.

Finally, do note that the above are only "typical" dates for reference, do note REITs may change those dates at their own discretion. These ex-dividend months is updated on SREITs Data page. You could also refer to SREITs Results Date for the result release date of individual REITs. That's all for today's sharing, please help to share this info if you find this post useful.

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