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Sunday, January 09, 2022

The 3 Years Journey of REIT-TIREMENT

I started this humble blog on 1st January 2019 with the post Beginning of REIT-TIREMENT Blog. My initial idea was to share my experience in personal finance management and Singapore REITs. As time goes by, my blog skews away from personal finance topics, as I find there are many blogs/youtube channels out there that are sharing more comprehensive content on this, e.g.: Seedly, Dollars and Sense, Money Smart and many many more. Maybe, should find some time to write about this topic.

Image by Ralf Kunze from Pixabay

When I started my blog, I have never intended to share any REITs reviews as I am afraid that I would lead others to "Holland" with my subpar review. I have only started REIT review posts in June 2020 after being encouraged by an ex-blogger (he has stopped blogging now), Vitamin Cash. Nonetheless, this move has helped me in many ways like re-verifying my data when writing, improving the data accuracy of SREITs Dashboard / SREITs Data and understanding more on management outlook ahead.

Till today, I have 415 posts including this post, which is an average of 3 posts for every 8 days. With my current writing pace, likely I could hit 500th posts by mid-2022. Throughout these 3 years, there are some milestones that I would like to pen down:

  1. Consolidated SREIT Sites on 3rd May 2019
  2. Published SREITs Data and SREITs Result Date Page on 7th Jul 2019 
  3. Created REIT-TIREMENT Facebook Page on 24th May 2020
  4. Published SREITs Dashboard on 1st Jun 2020
  5. Created Facebook Group - REIT Investing Community on 1st Aug 2020
  6. Purchased Domain Name on 13th Aug 2020
  7. 100th Blog Post on 3rd Sep 2020
  8. Started REIT Posts of the Week on 5th Sep 2020
  9. Started REIT-TIREMENT Patreon on 3rd Oct 2020
  10. Published Comic Strip Series about REIT Investing between 10th Dec 2020 to 8th Apr 2021
  11. 300th Blog Post on 3rd Aug 2021
  12. Published SREITs Comparison Table on 21st Sep 2021
  13. Created REIT-TIREMENT Telegram Channel on 18th Oct 2021, subsequently renamed to Singapore REITs Post Channel on 31st Dec 2021, which I would forward all the Singapore REITs related post there.

I would say, 2020 is kind of a turning point when I started to post frequently. To write once in a while is simple; to write consistently is not easy. The latter would require a lot of commitment on time and effort. There are readers who have asked me to expand my content to Hong Kong REIT, U.S. REIT or even Youtube Channel. As much as I would like to, I am unable to do so at this moment. Moreover, due to my work arrangement, moving forward would have a lesser time to blog.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all readers who have read and shared my posts, especially those who have left comments on my posts. I always appreciate readers' comments and emails as these are my best motivation. Wish everyone to have good investment returns in 2022.


  1. A few friends on mine and myself are avid readers and followers of your blog. We really appreciate you posts and sharing of information/reviews. We really look forward to your reviews all the time =)

    1. Wow, thanks for your support and your friends' support. Sure will continue to post.

  2. i use the data on your dashboard to guide my investments. keep up the good work. its much appreciated.

    1. Thanks for you compliment, do help me to share to your like-minded frens.