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Monday, February 22, 2021

Singapore Retail Focused REITs Comparison @ 22 February 2021

Let's see how the 5 Singapore Retail Focused REITs fair against each other after the latest result announcement. MCT and Suntec are excluded as both are focus on the office sector. 

* Growth Trend for DPU is not adjusted for any equity fundraising.

Below is the summary for REIT with more favorable points by categories:
1) Basic Profile & Key Statistics - CICT, LREIT, SPH, SGREIT
2) Related Parties Shareholding - SPH 
3) Lease Profile - CICT
4) Debt Profile - LREIT
5) Diversification - CICT & SGREIT
6) Key Financial Metrics - LREIT
7) Growth Trend - CICT
8) Overall - CICT, followed by LREIT and then SPH

For relative valuation, let's use the reversion to mean method to gauge.

At the current price level, it SPH REIT is more favorable in terms of reversion to mean valuation.

Above is just a quick comparison, you could refer to more detail on the individual analysis below:

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