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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Singapore Office Focused REITs Comparison @ 23 February 2021

Let's see how the 4 Singapore Office Focused REITs fair against each other after the latest result announcement. 

Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay
* Growth Trend for DPU is not adjusted for any equity fundraising.

Below is the summary for REIT with more favorable points by categories:
1) Basic Profile & Key Statistics - OUECT
2) Related Parties Shareholding - OUECT
3) Lease Profile - KREIT & SUNTEC
4) Debt Profile - MCT
5) Diversification - SUNTEC
6) Key Financial Metrics - KREIT & MCT
7) Growth Trend - KREIT
8) Overall - KREIT, followed by MCT

For relative valuation, let's use the reversion to mean method to gauge.

At the current price level, it is a tie between KREIT, OUECT and Suntec in terms of reversion to mean valuation.

Above is just a quick comparison, you could refer to more detail on the individual analysis below:

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