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Thursday, August 13, 2020

REIT-TIREMENT is on Custom Domain Now

If you have noticed, REIT-TIREMENT is now on a custom domain instead of Blogspot domain. Yes, after blogging for more than 1.5 years, I have finally bought a custom domain. Now, my site's new URL is Any links from previous Blogspot domain would be directed to this new address.

For anyone who is using Blogger (or planning to start one) and would like to have a custom domain, Mr Llama from Llama Finance blog has written a guide on how to buy a domain, link up and enable https setting. You could refer his post @ Journey to create an Adsense qualified blog by an IT noob

I would like to thanks a few bloggers who have been "pushing" me for getting a domain for a few months back. For an IT dinosaur like me, I wouldn't have think of buying a custom domain and also linked up my blog to custom domain smoothly without their help. And they are:

1) Mr Llama from Llama Finance, which focus on US & SG Stock, REITs, and Personal Finance

2) Jim Yuet from Vitamin Cash, which focus on HK REITs, SG REITs and MY REITs.

3) Gavin from SG Stock Market Investor, which focus on SG Stock and REITs

From their blog, you can see they post topics about REITs. If you are a REIT lover like us, please join the Facebook group - REIT Investing Community where you could read, share, and discuss REITs related topics.