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Saturday, August 01, 2020

Created Facebook Group - REIT Investing Community

As the title implied, I have just created a Facebook group named "REIT Investing Community".

The main objective of this group is to gather likeminded who could discuss, ask or share their experience, knowledge, posts, or sites which are REITs related. It could be REITs from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, U.S. or etc. In this group, you are very welcome to post anything in your mind freely, be it a question, an opinion, or simply sharing links. I always believe there is no such thing as a stupid question and no question is too small to ask, so please do not hold back to post anything.

Why I've chosen to create Facebook group instead of Telegram group:
1) There is no public Facebook group that is specially created for REIT in Singapore.
2) Facebook group could create a post where people can comment on posts which they are interested.
3) There are already a few REIT Telegram groups in Singapore with a big amount of members.
4) Telegram group is like a big chat room, messages tend to get pushed down if there are many active members chat at the same time. Users may miss out on some precious sharing.

If you are a REIT lover, I believe you can benefit and contribute in the same time to this group. If you are a blogger which posts REIT topics regularly, then this is a platform for you to share your knowledge and view with the group members. In learning we share and in sharing we learn. let's take part in building a healthy REIT Investing Community. You could join the group through here, please help to share to any likeminded. Thanks

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