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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Minor Updates on SREITs Dashboard Page

There is a reader asking about a summary page for individual SREITs dashboard info so that one need not go through each SREITs 1 by 1. As mentioned in my about me page, I take it seriously and would definitely reply. It may take little of your time to leave a comment or email, but it means a lot to me. I would like to repeat again, reader's comments are a blogger's best motivation.

Comments have power too

Below are 2 minor updates:
1) Added Data Tab
I have added a data tab for consolidated info from individual SREITs dashboard. You could click on the "data" as below to view it. At the right end, you could check what are the mean, median, min, and max value for each item. 

2) Changed Import Source for Live Price & 52 Weeks Hi-Lo
I am growing frustrated to see price imported from Yahoo Finance keep showing "N/A" or "Loading...". So I've made a chance to replace Yahoo Finance. Now, live price is imported from Investing Note, where 52 weeks high low is imported from SG I have tested for 2 weeks, both sources are more stable than Yahoo Finance. This also applicable to SREITs Data page.

If you find my SREITs Dashboard and SREITs Data useful, please help to share it out so that more people could benefit from it.


  1. Dear Vince

    I am always confuse on Google, Microsoft, apple, Tesla

    It will be great if you can analyse all of these counters

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Vitamin,

      I am sorry I couldn't help you on that as I am not familiar with US stocks. My focus is on Singapore REITs.

      However, I believe analysis for different sector would require different way to value its fundamental instead of only looking at financial metrics. Take in terms of REIT, we would need to look at occupancy, WALE or WADE which are not part of financial metrics.