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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

First REIT Review @ 15 November 2022

Basic Profile & Key Statistics
  • Main Sector(s): Healthcare & Hospitality 
  • Country(s) with Assets: Indonesia, Singapore & Japan
  • No. of Properties (exclude development/associate/fund): 32

Key Indicators

Performance Highlight

Gross rental income, NPI and the distributable amount increased yoy mainly due to the contribution from 12 Japan Nursing Homes acquired on 1 March 2022 as well as the recognition of the Financial Reporting Standards (“FRS”) 116 rental straight lining adjustments for FY2022.

FIRST REIT has completed the acquisition of 2 Japan nursing homes on 27 Sep and 29 Sep 2022.

The divestment of Siloam Hospitals Surabaya was completed in 29 Sep while IAHCC is being marketed for divestment.

Related Parties Shareholding

  • REIT sponsor's shareholding: Above median for more than 20%
  • REIT manager's shareholding: Above median for more than 20%
  • Directors of REIT manager's shareholding: Above median for more than 20%

Lease Profile

  • Occupancy: 100% 
  • Income in SGD/Major Currencies: Below median for more than 20%
  • WALE: Above median for more than 20%
  • Highest lease expiry within 5 years: Below median for more than 20%; Falls in 2025
  • Weighted average land lease expiry: Below median for more than 20%

Debt Profile

  • Gearing ratio: ± 10% from median
  • Gearing ratio including perps: ± 10% from median
  • Cost of debt: Above median for more than 20%
  • Fixed rate debt %: Below median for more than 20%
  • Unsecured debt %: Below median for more than 20%
  • WADM: Below median for more than 20%
  • Highest debt maturity within 5 years: Above median for more than 20%; Falls in 2023
  • Interest coverage ratio: Above median for more than 20%

Diversification Profile

  • Top geographical contribution: Below median for more than 20%
  • Top property contribution: Below median for more than 10%
  • Top 5 properties' contribution: ± 10% from median
  • Top tenant contribution: Above median for more than 20%
  • Top 10 tenants' contribution: Above median for more than 20%

Key Financial Metrics

  • Property yield: Above median for more than 20%
  • Management fees over distribution: Above median for more than 20%; $5.13 distribution for every dollar paid 
  • Distribution on capital: Above median for more than 20%
  • Distribution margin: ± 10% from median


The 2021 trends for property yield, distribution on capital and distribution margin have been amortized with the straight-line rent which was recognized in 4Q 2021.
  • Uptrend: Property Yield
  • Flat: Occupancy
  • Downtrend: DPU, NAV per Unit, Interest Coverage Ratio, Distribution on Capital, Distribution Margin

Relative Valuation

  • Current 52 Weeks Range: 30%
  • P/NAV: Below -1SD for 1y; Average for 3y; Below average for 5y
  • Dividend Yield: Above +1SD for 1y; Average for 3y; Above average for 5y

Author's Opinion

 Favorable Less Favorable
Diversified SectorLow Income in SGD/Major Currencies
High REIT Sponsor's ShareholdingShort Weighted Average Land Lease expiry
High REIT Manager's ShareholdingHigh Perpetual Securities %
High Directors of REIT Manager's ShareholdingHigh Cost of Debt
100% OccupancyLow Fixed Rate Debt %
Long WALELow Unsecured Debt %
No Major Lease Expiry within 5 YearsShort WADM
High Interest Coverage RatioConcentrated Debt Maturity
Low Top Geographical ContributionHigh Top Tenant & Top 10 Tenants Contributions
Low Top Property ContributionNon Competitive Management Fees
High Property YieldDPU Downtrend
High Distribution on CapitalNAV per Unit Downtrend
Property Yield UptrendInterest Coverage Ratio Downtrend
 Distribution on Capital Downtrend
 Distribution Margin Downtrend

Gross revenue and NPI have declined slightly compared to the previous quarter, however, distributable income and DPU maintain the same. At this moment, 25.6% AUM is from the developed markets, mainly through the mean of acquisition and capital recycling. The management targets to meet the target of  >50% of AUM in these markets by 2027, which means, there would be more acquisition and capital recycling ahead.

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