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Sunday, July 07, 2019

Added SREITs Data Page and Revamped Blog Design

It has been 2 months since my last post in May, due to my work. Recently, I finally get to have some times to revamp blog design. Thanks to the guidance from K C from 30 Year Old Investor Blog, I have learnt how to download a template and modify basic html to make the blog to what you seeing now.

Also thanks to readers who have been patiently waiting for my blog updates
For those who are blogging with blogger or interested to start blogging with blogger, you could visit Gooyabi Templates and download templates for your blog. There are really a lot of templates by different styles/features for you to choose from. There are instructions to guide you for templates installation and configuration.

Besides revamped blog design, I have also added 2 pages which are:
i) SREITs Data
Adopted from previous post How to Come Out a Basic REITs Analysis Summary. I would update each SREITs data within a week whenever quarter report is released.

Due to those live prices are imported from yahoo finance, you may have "loading..." or "#N/A" problem. If you know any permanent solution, please share with me. 

ii) SREITs Result Date
This page consolidatie SREITs result releasse date. I would update it at least once a week. Main source would be from Investing Note.

The main reason I added these 2 pages is because I would like to make this blog a one stop for my readers. I would slowly blog more about my idea of analysis. Thanks for continuous support from all my readers. Hopefully my blog is useful to all of you.