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Saturday, July 13, 2019

A New Tool to Maximize Cashback & Miles

When I've just graduated and started my first work, I am not eligible for credit card application due to annual income less than $ 30,000. Back then, it was 11 years ago, $30,000 income per annum was a challenge for fresh graduates, but as of today, it is not considered a high income. I am quite surprise that most banks do not adjust their income eligibility to match the inflation and salary increase in Singapore.

For my first credit card, I had to surf through individual credit card websites to look for its benefits, which is very tedious and time consuming. But with the boom of financial sites, we could easily read  other's review today, below are some useful sites:
1) Seedly - The Complete Guide To The Best Cashback Credit Cards In Singapore
2) MoneySmart - The 7 Best Rewards Cards in Singapore (2019)
3) MoneySmart - 8 Best Credit Cards in Singapore for Online Shopping (2019)
4) SG Budget Babe - Save more money in 2019 with the best cashback credit cards!
5) SG Budget Babe - Goodbye CIMB, Here's the next best Credit Cards in Singapore for 2019

What if I want to search by merchant that I always buy from and find out which credit card provide maximum cashback? Is it even possible ? Now, there is a site call which could provide such function. Basically you could key in merchant and choose whether either cashback or miles, refer below for screenshot:
This site is just launched on May and is still in beta phase. They are currently working on to include more merchants and credit cards. They have also plan to do stuff like reward calculator which could calculate rewards based on different cards and credit card recommender which could select a card with max. benefits.

I find this tool useful to me and I hope this could benefit to my readers too, let's go and try it out. Finally, note that this is NOT a sponsored post.

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