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Friday, October 08, 2021

SREITs Dashboard & SREITs Data Updates - Added Related Parties Direct & Deemed Interest and Others

For this time, I have updated the following:

1) Price Relative Table (Individual REIT)

- Added current level

- Slightly modify the layout to include 52 weeks high and low prices

2) Related Parties Shareholding 

- Added direct interest and deemed interest 

- Changed to chart format

3) SREITs Stats & Median

- Changed distribution frequency into a chart format

- Added number of SREITs by distribution ex-date period

4) SREITs Data

- Added SPH REIT into Keppel Group's REITs comparison.

That is all for this round, if you find SREITs Dashboard and SREITs Data pages useful, please help to share with your friends.


  1. thank you for all your hard work.

    1. Thanks your kind word, please help to share it if you find my blog useful