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Sunday, March 14, 2021

SREITs Dashboard & SREITs Data Updates - Added Basic Stats, Perpetual Securities Info and Others

It has been 4 months since the last update, this time would be some minor updates.

1) Basic Statistics & Median

- Added total number of SREITs/BizTrust as well as SREITs by quarterly dividend and semi-annually dividend.

- Added number of SREITs by major sector and major country contribution.

- Added top sector contribution in diversification

- Eagle Hospitality Trust and Soilbuild Business Space REIT are excluded.

2) Diversification Profile

- Added top 5 properties contribution

3) Debt Profile

- Added preferred/perpetual securities over debts. This is the ratio of preferred/perpetual securities divided by the total debts + preferred/perpetual securities. 

4) SREITs Data

- Moved the data tab from SREITs Dashboard spreadsheet to SREITs Data spreadsheet and renamed it as detail tab.

- Added SREITs geographical by country

5) Others

- Moved Key Statistics to directly below Basic Profile.
- Modified Basic Profile and Key Statistics arrangement.

With these updates, I believe now it should cover the majority of quantifiable information for SREITs. If you like my SREITs Dashboard and SREITs Data, feel free to share it out so that more could benefit from it. And if you really like my work, please consider supporting me at REIT-TIREMENT Patreon to get the SREITs Individual Dashboard PDF or SREITs Data Excel with the past 5 years' detailed data.


  1. Can you include a Gearing Ratio that counts Preferred/Perpetual Securities as debt? That would be a more realistic gearing ration in my opinion.

    1. Hi Martin, thanks for your comment. I was thinking to do that at first but later decided to do with another way. Reason being gearing is the formula and limit set by MAS, so I view gearing ratio in relative to MAS limit instead of absolute value itself.

      Nonetheless, it is a good suggestion, Let me add this into consideration for next dashboard update.

    2. You could do both, the "offical" MAS gearing ratio and additionally the ratio that includes these other debt like instruments.

    3. Right also, will do it in next update.