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Friday, March 19, 2021

Comic Strip - Diversification Profile of REITs

It has been a while since the last comic strip post. This time, I would like to share a topic about diversification, which is based on the Diversification Profile of REITs post which I have posted 2 years ago, time really flies.

I've always like to use top, top 5, or top 10 weightage to gauge the degree of diversification instead of quantity. Similar to the example in the above comic strip, a REIT with 100 tenants where the top tenant contributes 10% of income is deemed more diversified than a REIT with 1,000 tenants where the top tenant contributes 20% of income. 

So where could you get this info? You could refer to a REIT presentation and annual report. Or you could refer to SREITs Dashboard for the individual SREIT detail breakdown. Finally, hope you enjoy my comic strip.


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