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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Suggestions to New REITs Investors

If you've been investing long enough, you will bound to meet people who've asked you:
i) Which stock to buy now ?
ii) What is the good price for buy or sell ?
iii) Should sell or keep this stock ?
And this conversation would often ended with disclaimers like:
i) Wouldn't blame on you for losing money
ii) Will do own study for whichever stock you've shared
Frankly, I am guilty for this at the beginning time of my investment journey. I used to buy/sell SREITs based on blogger or analysis recommendation without any study. What I thought was, those experience bloggers and analyst would certainly do a better analysis than me, it would be easier to follow their call. I thought it was a brilliant idea and I found a SHORTCUT to my investment journey. Well, of course it didn't end well. 

There is a saying in Chinese, 靠山山会倒,靠水水会流,靠自己永远不倒. Translate literary: Relying on mountains and mountains will fall, relying on water and water will flow, relying on ownself will never fall. For those who is doing the same like I did, my advise is to do your own analysis instead of relying on others. Instead of rewriting lengthy post, below are links to my previous posts:
There are things to have before you start your investment journey. Emergency fund, insurance, etc.

If you are keen on dividend investing, then it is recommended to have a plan to follow.

Opening brokerage account, portfolio management tool, etc.

Numbers of REITs posts, organized in different section like, lease profile, debt profile and etc.

There are also SREITs data, SREITs dashboard and SREITs result date pages in my blog which you could make full use of it freely. 

Where there's a will there's a way, I believe if one is willing to, all one need is a reason, instead of thousands excuses. Analysis on REITs could certainly take up quite some amount of time, unless you are only planning to scratch its surface. No matter how confidence you are, never over concentrated in any single REIT counter or single REIT sector. Diversify your REIT investment across different REIT sectors as evenly as possible. This would ensure that your dividend income from REITs are generated through its tenants from variety of sectors/industries. 
Lastly, I have been encouraged by blogger Jim Yuet from Vitamin Cash to post more about analysis on individual SREITs counter which I've rarely done so. He was the founder of back in 2014 and currently running his new blog. He often blogs about REITs in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong and has a screener in his blog main page. If you are interested in REITs in these 3 countries, then you would definitely find his blog informative.


  1. What do you think of the future of data centre reits. They are richly valued now.

    1. There are more SREITs started to acquire properties for data centre use, like Mapletree Industrial Trust and Ascendas REIT. I believe more and more industrial REITs will follow the flow.