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Monday, June 01, 2020

Added SREITs Dashboard Page

Inspired by both Risk N Returns S-REIT Dashboards and Vitamin Cash All REITs Data, I have created my first version of SREITs Dashboard. Basically, the information presented is similar to my previous post on How to Come Out a Basic REITs Analysis Summary, albeit with more charts and re-arranged layout to make it more presenta. This page is best to be viewed on PC or Tablet. If you are viewing from mobile, I would suggest you to view it in landscape mode. 

The default sheet you would see is SREITs median data which shows median data of some key information for all SREITs (including BizTrusts which operate similar to REITs business model). At this point of writing, there are 41 SREITs and 2 BizTrusts.
Default Sheet
To view individual SREIT detail, click on the short name at the bottom. This dashboard is organized into multiple groups as below:
1) Basic Company Profile
2) Key Statistics
3) Lease Profile
4) Debt Profile
5) Diversification Profile
6) Financial Metrics
7) Related Party Shareholding
8) Trend
9) Price Relative Chart
Basic Company Profile, Key Statistics & Lease Profile
Debt Profile, Diversification Profile, Financial Metrics & Related Party Shareholding
Trend Chart for DPU, NAV per Unit and Distribution Margin
Price Relative Chart for Average Closing Price, Dividend Yield & Price / NAV
As this is the very first version of my dashboard, I believe there are still much work to be done. Readers are free to suggest for any improvement. However, due to limitation of my IT knowledge and Google Spreadsheet, there will be some ideas which may not be able to implement. If you are IT savvy and have ideas on improvement, I sincerely hope you could provide your help. I have added this SREITs Dashboard page under submenu of SREITs Info. If you find this dashboard useful, please share it.


  1. Hi Vince, would like to ask how do i calculate "Revenue Per Available Unit, RevPAU"?

    1. A general formula = Rental Income / Available Unit. However I found that this is standardized across Singapore hospitality trust. Some include master lease and some exclude. And some REVPAU value is way off from manual calculation. Therefore, I have taken out this from my Dashboard.

    2. sure, thanks Vince for your prompt reply. have a great day ahead

    3. I just noticed that the "NOT" is missing out. REVPAU is not standardized across Singapore hospitality trust.