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Friday, November 29, 2019

Tips to Maximize Gain from Paid Survey Sites

After almost 3 weeks of exploring since previous post on Take Survey and Earn Money ? Here are 5 Paid Survey Sites for Singapore, I would like to share some tips on how to maximize gain through those paid survey site. Before that, let's see how much I have cash out since 3rd Nov till now:
i) Surveytime - US$ 8
ii) ySense -US$ 30
iii) TimeBucks - US$ 10.86
iv) Toluna - S$ 20
v) Opinion World - S$ 15
Total US$ 48.86 + S$ 35, close to S$ 100 in which around US$10 came from referral bonus. It is really more than what I've expected.

1) Surveytime

No tricks for Surveytime, simply refresh the page or check your e-mail regularly for any surveys opportunity. The survey opportunity is not consistent. I've received 8 survey opportunities within 3 days upon sign up, but nothing since then.

2) ySense
Complete the daily checklist for extra bonus: 2 surveys per day to get 12% bonus and install addon on your PC chrome browser for another 2%; so that you could get extra 14% on whatever you earn. I find that 3 days streak bonus is difficult to hit, as you won't always qualify for 2 surveys per day.

If your friend sign up ySense using your affiliate link, then you could get 20% of what your friends earn. Your affiliate link can be found on your account summary page under the account details table. Once your friends earn their first US$ 5, you would receive a one-off US$ 2 bonus.

Last, do not be choosy to do only high reward surveys; instead, complete ALL the surveys. It may seems a lot of surveys selection at start, but most of the time you will only qualify for 20 to 25% of it. This is the site which I have the most cash out.

3) TimeBucks

Out of all sites in my post, TimeBucks reward is the lowest. However, it offers huge amount of surveys and it pays for disqualification from US$ 0.005 to US$ 0.01. Normally, I will only use this after all other sites run out of survey.

The decent reward survey with highest qualification chance is from Yuno Survey under Surveys-> Routers tab. You could choose between US$ 0.525, US$ 0.700 and US$ 0.875 Yuno routers. TimeBucks offer good referral program too in which you could earn 15% of what your friends earn.

There is a unique feature that TimeBucks provide, which is the advertise function. You could add your advertising fund and you create campaign for click, signup or tik tok. You have to pay to TimeBucks users when they click or sign up the link you've advertise. There are different bid amount depends on your targeted country and users.

4) Toluna
Generally, Toluna reward is quite good, and you would have average 1 to 2 survey opportunities per day. Toluna points will be credited within 24 hours normally, so do not be alarmed if you never see your points updated immediately after each survey.

To earn some extra reward points, goto surveys->sponsored content tab to vote for 15 reward points. Also, goto the community-> games to spin your daily wheel to get reward points. You could create your own content in the community tab too. From Toluna FAQs, you could get rewards points if your create "quality" content, I have never try this before though.

Your could invite your friends to join Toluna. Your referral link is under the "Invite a friend" tab at the right side. The reward is 500 points and cap at 10 friends per month. It is not very attractive though.

5) Opinion World

Same like Surveytime, no tricks for Opinion World, simply refresh the page or check your e-mail regularly for any surveys opportunity. You could get average 1 survey opportunity per day.

This is another decent site I have found recently. You could get average 2 to 3 survey opportunities per day. For referral program, you will earn US$ 1 after your friend sign up. You could get US$ 0.10 for every survey your friends completed. Your referral link is under the "Refer Friend" page.
As mentioned in previous post, paid surveys can only earn you some extra pocket money, do not expect to get rich through it. If you seriously need some side income, go for part-time work. The main benefit for paid survey is the time flexibility instead of amount of money. You could do it anytime; during commute, tea break, weekend relax time, etc.

Final notes, answer your survey honestly, this is the least you should do to respect survey providers. Some surveys will have repeated question to check whether your are focus. There are also some questions which will ask you to select the correct answer like "how many days is in a year" or "select slightly disagree" or even Math questions. Do not anyhow click because you want to complete your survey fast and get reward.

* Note that the above links are referral link (if applicable), you lose nothing when you registered with those links, where I could get a small referral bonus.

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