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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Take Survey and Earn Money ? Here are 5 Paid Survey Sites for Singapore

There are many paid survey sites but not many offer survey decent amount of opportunities in Singapore. Some sites also offer other ways to earn like downloading apps/games, clicking ads, signing up for website and etc. As most sites offer cash out to Paypal, so do sign up for Paypal account and verify it before you start any survey. I would advise to take survey using PC instead of smartphone, as some surveys require PC to start.
Below are 5 sites which I've tested and found decent amount of surveys being offered in Singapore.

1) Surveytime

Most simple and straightforward site, it is the most easy site to use. All surveys pay US$ 1 and typical survey time is around 10 to 15 minutes. Once survey is completed, you will get paid immediately through Paypal.

2) ySense
Besides surveys, this site offer other ways to earn money by downloading apps, signing up for websites and etc. It also offer daily bonus on your earning (up to 16%) if you are able to complete their daily requirement. For PC chrome user, you could install chrome addon to earn 2% bonus. You can cash out through Paypal once you hit US$ 10. This site interface is less friendly, you would need some times to familiar with it.
Requirements = 12% Bonus, Extra Bonuses = 2% Each, Total 16%
Under Cash Offers, there are several offers from different sites, be sure to click through all of it
3) TimeBucks

Similar to ySense, timebucks offer other ways to earn money besides survey. The user interface is more friendly than ySense, so you should have no problem to navigate through it. TimeBucks auto pay out every week if you have more than US$10. This site can cash out to Paypal via AirTM, so you would have to register for AirTM account.

4) Toluna
Toluna reward is in point and generally offer higher reward, and it always indicate the required time before start suvey. You could also earn point from polls created by users. Once you have 10,000 points, you can cash out to S$ 5 Grab e-Voucher.

5) Opinion World

Opinion World is another sites which reward in point. Same as Toluna, its reward is generally higher, and it indicate the required time before survey start. Once you have 500 points, you could cash out  S$15 to Paypal.

Site Surveytime ySense TimeBucks Toluna Opinion World
Survey Amount Low High High Medium Medium to Low
Reward Medium Medium to Low Low High to Medium High to Medium
Other Earnings No Yes Yes No No
Min. Cash Out US$ 1 US$ 10 US$ 10 S$ 5 S$ 15
Referral Bonus No Yes Yes Yes No
Link Link Link Link Link Link
* Note that the above links are referral link (if applicable), you lose nothing when you registered with those links, where I could get a small referral bonus. 

Do not expect to get rich through paid survey. Paid surveys can only earn you some extra money and its earning is not consistent. I have experience that I'm matched to 5 surveys in a day while get no match in next few days. 


  1. Do not use pay pal,gift cards is whai prefer.These surveys are not worth your time.I have 2 surveys that i love to get amazon gift cards.

    1. From the 5 sites, only Opinion World and ySense have the Amazon option. Agree that the survey reward is low.

  2. It isn't meant to be a living wage. If you love doing surveys, have some free time, it is nice to accumulate a bit of money.

    1. Yeah. It is only a small amount. I only manage to cash out USD 18 for a week.

    2. Cash out approx. SGD 100 in 26 days. Not bad. Part time could earn a lot more though.