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I am Vince and welcome to my blog which I started on 1st January 2019. I do not have a financial background nor work in the financial industry.
Since the start of my investment journey, I have been fond of REITs because of their dividends. REITs allowed you to become a property landlord and get rental income without having to fork out a large sum of initial capital, look out for tenants as well as manage the properties.

There are a few reasons why do I invest in REITs. Firstly it has a simple business model, it basically leases out space and collects rent from their properties. Secondly, REIT distributes 90% of its taxable income quarterly or semi-annually. Thirdly, no matter in a bear or bull market, we can still receive dividends as long as we are holding to it. It is different from capital gain, where profit is only realized when stock is sold.

I will analyze REITs fundamentals by quantifying its data which I would slowly share my ideas in my blog. My way of analysis is neither fool proof nor perfect, I constantly seek ways for improvement and tweak some criteria based on market sentiment.

You are welcome to contact me by email -, I would be very happy to learn from your experience as well. You have my word that I would definitely reply to you. If you are a REIT lover like me, please join my Facebook group named "REIT Investing Community" where you could discuss, ask and share knowledge and experience. Do join my Telegram Channel, like my Facebook page @ REIT-TIREMENT and support me if you really like my works.