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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Updated Shared SREITs Data Spreadsheet & SREITs Site Page

After previous post of Case Studies for SREITs with Capital Distribution from Disposal, I've plan to do some update on my shared SREITs Data spreadsheet and SREITs Sites. Afterall, I have never really review these both a long time. SREITs result date page is also updated with SPH REIT being the first to announce result on 1st Apr.

Below are the updated items in SREITs Data:
i) Distribution from Disposal
Added distribution from disposal column. As mentioned in previous post, some SREITs used this to boost its DPU. It is very easy to miss out this type of info in their financial statement.

ii) 3rd Sector
In view of more and more merger between SREITs from different sector, I have added SREITs 3rd sector column. Notable merger between different sectors are:
a) Capitaland Mall Trust + Capitaland Commercial Trust = Capitaland Integrated Commercial Trust
After merger, its major sector will be Retail followed by Office and a very small portion of Hospitality. Since both are in STI components currently, after merger, there will be 1 stock to be added from STI reserve list.
Extract from SGX, 4 of 5 in reserve lists are SREITs
b) Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust + Frasers Commercial Trust
After merger, its major sector would be Logistics, followed by Office and then Industrial. It may stand a chance to be included in STI reserve list after merger. Indicative timeline as below:
c) ESR-REIT + Viva Industrial Trust
Prior to merger, ESR-REIT had properties in Logistics and Industrial sectors, whereas Viva Industrial Trust had majority of its properties in Business Parks (Office) sector, and remaining in Logistics and Industrial sector. Post merger, major sector is Industrial, followed by Office and Logistics.

d) OUE Commercial Trust + OUE Hospitality Trust
Prior to merger, OUE Commercial had properties in Office (Major) and Retail sectors, whereas OUE Hospitality had properties in Hospitality (Major) and Retail sector. Post merger, major sector is Office, followed by Hospitality and Retail.

iii) Dividend Ex-Month
There are some changes in the company typical ex-dividend month. This is useful especially for SREITs with semi-annual dividend policy where you could plan/strategize your SREITs dividend income for a balanced pay-out. You can also roughly estimate its announce result date, result generally announced 1 week before ex-date.

I am quite confidence that this SREITs Data spreadsheet is a comprehensive screener as compared to other free screeners you could find online. 

It is very normal to feel fearful in the time of bear market when your portfolio value dropping everyday. As we won't know when and where is market bottom, my plan remain the same as per previous post Coronavirus Outbreak - Buy, Hold or Sell SREITs? I would like to share some posts on how other bloggers react to this outbreak below:
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Hope this post helps, please share this screener it if you find it useful.

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