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Friday, May 03, 2019

Consolidation of SREIT Related Sites

When I start investing in SREITs, I could not find a place that consolidates all the SREITs related sites. Even today, I still could not find such site. I believe this is frustration that REIT investors are facing.

Now, instead of waiting, I have decided to consolidate one. Since a lot of sites cover topics more than REITs, I would consolidate based on the following criteria:
i) Have a dedicate "REIT" page to link with REIT posts
ii) Contain at least 5 REIT posts
iii) Latest REIT post is within 6 months

1) Dollars and Sense - REITs
2) Financial Horse - REIT & Fixed Income
3) Heartland Boy - REITs

REIT Data/Screener:
1) REITScreener (Subscription)
2) Yield Savvy (Subscription)
3) My Stocks Investing Journey - REITs

Hope the above consolidated links helpful. If you find any websites that met with the 3 criteria or if you would like me to add your blog, contact me here.

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